2018 is in the rear-view mirror and now is the time when many people are thinking about getting fit and healthier. When you’re ready to make a commitment, the big chains might seem like an obvious choice. They’re in your face with billboards, radio spots, lots of “mail” and of course the awesome deals to get you in the door. Before you sign on the dotted line at your nearest chain, take a deep breath and think about your decision. You’re ready to make a commitment but who are you committing to, the gym or yourself? Will simply becoming a member at a gym make you fit and happy?

Sense of Community
Big gyms are impersonal. They love you when you sign-up but after the tour and maybe a 30-minute goal consultation you become another no name member. You’re on your own and for many people that’s a recipe for failure. At Switch Fitness you’ll quickly become a part of the community within the community. You’ll see the studio owners, D’Lee & Jamie in the studio every day. You’ll hear your name when you walk in the door and people will be happy to see you. You’re more than another member, at Switch Fitness, we do care about your goals, and we want to see you in the studio. Don’t put it past D’Lee to call and check on you if you haven’t been to class in a while. Signing On The Dotted Line
Signing-up is easy, it’s the long commitments that get you every time. Chain gyms want your money not your success. At Switch Fitness we want your success, so we offer many options to get you in the door and help you be successful. We also know that getting time away from the kids can be the tough part so we offer child care to eliminate another common hurdle. Come in and try a free class, drop-in for a class, purchase class packs and use them whenever you want or go unlimited monthly or annually. Not sure which option is best for you, call or stop in and we will be happy to talk with you. Please don’t ask for a salesperson or expect to get one, we don’t hire sales staff, we hire the best instructors and D’Lee and Jamie are almost always in the studio. Not So Personal Instructors
Most of us have tried the chain gyms or know someone that has. They all have personal trainers available for another $75 an hour and most of them have trainers just walking the floor but completely disengaged from members. I’ve seen people struggling with equipment, or form and a trainer walk right on by. Most trainers at chain gyms have no incentive to see you succeed. To the contrary, the chain gyms succeed when you give-up after a month but keep paying membership dues. More floor space for the next person. At Switch Fitness our business is built on word of mouth. We are only as good as the last class you took. We know your time is valuable, so we give you everything we have every time we see you. It might be a group class, but you can expect individual treatment. Every class and every exercise has variations to accommodate every member’s ability. Don’t let the options fool you, if you’re form is off, we will let you know so you are sure to get the best out of your class. If you aren’t feeling well or have an ache or pain, let your instructor know before class, so they can keep an eye on you and offer additional instruction. One Size Fits All
Chain gyms have a formula and with little exception they offer the same classes and equipment at all their locations. No room for creativity and no room to Switch it up. At Switch Fitness we know the importance of keeping things fresh and fun. Everyone has their favorite class but finding a new class to love fights that fitness boredom and keeps your mind and body challenged. An example of this is our Piloxing SSP and Piloxing Barre classes. Everyone who’s tried it loves the fusion of Pilates, and Boxing and Barre. They are fun, high energy, high intensity classes that keep you moving and smiling. Jamie and D’Lee have also introduced Barre and PiYo Live to their community as additional options to Switch things up and stay motivated. Rush Hour(s)
Big box gyms are popular, which means they are crowded. Waiting to get on a treadmill is no fun, walking up to a piece of equipment only to see someone sitting on it while they chat with a friend is frustrating. It’s hard enough to accomplish you’re goals without those unnecessary hurdles in the way. At Switch Fitness we offer class options and times as diverse as our community. You can sign-up in advance or wait to the last minute but either way our on-line app lets you know if there is space before you show up. Final Analysis
The chain gyms can offer what seem like really good deals. They might have cool equipment, loud music and lots of TV’s but ask yourself those two questions again, who are you committing to, the gym or yourself? And, will simply becoming a member at a gym make you fit and happy? It might be time for you to switch it up and try Switch Fitness.