We understand the importance of switching up your workout routine, so we offer a diverse selection of classes to switch it up and maximize results. Whether your goal is to build new muscle, prevent overuse and injuries, or simply just beat fitness boredom, we have a class that suits your needs!


Hot Yoga

A Bikram-style class composed of 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures. This class is suitable for all levels. You will develop mental and physical strength as well as increase flexibility. Please come to class hydrated as you will sweat...a lot.


A great compliment to any yang practice that helps restore the healthy range of motion and balance our body needs to stay healthy and prevent injury. Postures are held from 1-5 minutes to target the fascia and ligaments and create openness in the body while challenging the mind to focus on sensations in the body.


Vinyasa links movement with breath as one asana flows into the next. Gain strength and flexibility, improve circulation, while learning how to control the breath, the body, and the mind. Often referred to as moving meditation, yoga can help calm the mind as it opens the body.

Gentle Yoga

Great for beginners or people with limitations. You will be guided through class at a slower pace while moving through basic postures. Variations and modifications are offered throughout class which allows for a gentle experience for anyone.

PiYo Live

Combines the muscle-sculpting core-firming benefits of Pilates, with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. The dynamic, flowing sequences burn calories while also lengthening, strengthening, and toning muscles, and increasing flexbility.


No dance experience needed! Barre is a mix of yoga, pilates, and ballet. It is low impact with a focus on small, isometric movements that work your entire body. The focus on light weights and high repetitions target slow twitch muscles which increase endurance. Gain strength without bulk all while moving to the beat.

Piloxing SSP

An interdisciplinary system of two extremes, which blends the best of Pilates, Boxing and Dance movement into a high-energy, high-intensity interval workout. Done with bare feet and half-pound weighted gloves to burn maximum calories and tone muscles, and increase cardiovascular stamina and heart health. Piloxing SSP uniquely intertwines speed, power, and the agility of boxing with targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates as well as the grace and fluidity of dance to present a branded style workout uniquely its own.

Boot Camp

The perfect class to build strength and improve endurance. Class is high intensity, high impact but offer modifications making Boot Camp accessible to all fitness levels. This fast-paced class will keep you challenged the entire time. Burn fat, build muscle, and improve your conditioning.

Piloxing Barre

A comprehensive, well-rounded workout that is low impact with variable intensity. Half pound Piloxing gloves are used throughout class to increase intensity and help create greater body awareness. Piloxing Barre has the benefits of Barre with added cardio.

Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP)

Combines Pilates principles with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) making it an efficient and effective way to burn fat and build muscles. The Pilates principles help to strengthen the core and the HIIT keeps you burning calories even after class is over. Inferno Hot Pilates is a low impact class that offers variations making it suitable for any fitness level from beginner to athlete.



Co-Founder, Instructor


Co-Founder, Instructor