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Prevent Overuse Injuries

Switch up your routine to activate new muscles and ligaments. You might feel it the next day but smile and enjoy it knowing you worked some new muscles and give those overused ones a chance to rest and recover. 

Beat Workout Boredom

Doing the same thing over and over requires little concentration and leads to boredom. Switching up routines will eliminate that boredom and prevent autopilot exercise by keeping you focused and energized.


Check Out Our Class Options

We offer a wide range of fun and motivating group classes. Our team of trainers care about you and want you to get the most out of your valuable workout time. Every class we offer is open to all fitness levels.


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What our members have to say

The atmosphere is exactly what a newbie like me needs in a work out studio.

Christine C.5 Star Yelp Review

I love that if they miss you for a few days from class they call and check on you. There is a real sense of community within this studio!

Charlotte N.5 Star Yelp Review

The class options are amazing and for me the child care sealed the deal.

Janette B.5 Star Yelp Review

Every class is fun but the instructors and students are what make me want to come back. People of all ages and sizes all supporting each other is so awesome!

Amy P.5 Star Yelp Review

Love Switch Fitness!! It’s definitely the type of studio where you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in and there’s no pressure or judgements.

Nicole E.5 Star Yelp Review

Most fun boot camp with TRX that I love! An hour goes so fast and personal coaching throughout the classes.

Jessica M.5 Star Yelp Review

I usually lift weights for my workouts, however, I started taking classes at Switch Fitness to strengthen my core as well as for stretching. I found out very quickly that the IHP and yoga classes were a lot harder than I had ever imagined.

Gary L.5 Star Yelp Review

I do really appreciate that there are literally every size and shape of people that go there, and there are many options for modifying the workouts, so really ANYONE can come do these classes!

Jessy S.5 Star Yelp Review

They are so warm and welcoming, amazing selection of classes. Classes that no one else in the area offers.

Cyndi B.5 Star Google Review

This is a place where you can have no experience and lots of experience and fit right in.

Kimberly H.5 Star Google Review

This place is seriously a hidden gem in Elk Grove.

Kat H.

What are you waiting for?

Whether your goal is to build new muscle, prevent overuse injuries or simply beat the fitness boredom that comes from doing the same thing over and over, Switch Fitness has the classes, class times, instructors and child care to meet your needs. Never taken a Yoga class before, not a problem. Barre is not ballet but we do use the bars. Bootcamp, isn’t what you think, we aren’t running outside and flipping tires. Never heard of Piloxing, neither had anyone else until Switch Fitness brought it to Elk Grove and our members love it. Come in and experience the difference. Our members brag about our instructors and our instructors brag about our members. Everyone is welcome at Switch Fitness no matter where you are in your fitness experience. You might enter as a new student but you’ll leave a member of our community and you’ll have fun getting fit.