D’Lee, Co-Founder & Instructor
Fitness has always been important to D’Lee so much so that she saw an opportunity in her hometown of Emory Texas and took advantage of it when she opened D’s Gym in 2002. It turned out that others shared her passion and it made her first business venture a successful one. Two years later and with two small children D’Lee opened her second business, a small restaurant called The Main Ingredient. Just two doors down from D’s Gym, The Main Ingredient served breakfast & lunch to a regular crowd of people. D’Lee eventually sold both businesses and moved to California.

After arriving in California D’Lee got her Real Estate License and Personal Training certification and in 2017 a certification to teach Inferno Hot Pilates. In 2018 D’Lee completed the Piloxing SSP and Piloxing Barre instructor training and plans to bring these new high energy workouts to Switch Fitness.

Although her real estate career has been successful and she loves the human interaction D’Lee’s can’t deny her passion for fitness. She’s a natural motivator and for many fitness clients an example of how you can always make time for your health no matter how busy your life is.

Jamie, Co-Founder & Instructor
Jamie has a background rooted in gymnastics which taught her the benefits of core strength, balance and flexibility. She learned early on the importance of alignment and body awareness which has helped her both as a student and an instructor. Ten years ago Jamie began practicing yoga which became a turning point in her health. Yoga met a lot of Jamie’s fitness needs but she discovered the mental benefit of a regular yoga practice.

After Jamie’s second child was born in 2014 she left her full-time job in banking. Amazingly enough with two small children at home she had time to add strength training to her yoga practice. In 2015 she was introduced to Inferno Hot Pilates and soon after became an instructor. Jamie completed Balanced Body Barre instructor training in 2016 and in 2017 her third child was born. She was able to continue training and teaching throughout her entire pregnancy.

This year Jamie has completed Core Power Yoga’s Vinyasa training and Piloxing Barre instructor training and was recently offered the opportunity to work with Micha Zamora in her new role as the Fitness Director for the City of Elk Grove. Micha and her husband Charlie own Warrior Z Cross-fit.

Jamie’s personal experience with staying active and fit during her pregnancy made her want to share the benefits with other women. Even with her busy life at home she always has time for her fitness and yours.

Carol, Instructor

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Darian, Instructor

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Rachel, Instructor

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Kiyana, Instructor

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Anita, Instructor

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