About Us

Jamie & D’Lee met while teaching at another studio. They discovered a shared passion for fitness and vision for bringing something new to Elk Grove. The more they talked the more they knew they had to see their vision come to fruition and that’s when Switch Fitness was born.

Switch Fitness is the name of the studio but it’s so much more than a name. When it comes to fitness D’Lee & Jamie know the importance of switching up a routine. 

For many years D’Lee spent her exercise time doing cardio and weight training. Thanks to a visit to Dr. Potter Chiropractic who suggested Yoga, which led to Pilates, she has discovered the benefit of switching up her routine. The addition of yoga and pilates to her cardio and weight training keeps D’Lee focused and adds flexibility that she never had before.

Jamie had a background rooted in gymnastics which taught her the benefits of core strength, balance and flexibility. Ten years ago she began practicing yoga which became a turning point in her health. Aside from the fitness benefits, Jamie discovered the mental benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Like D’Lee & Jamie many of us are creatures of habit. We go to the gym or the studio and we put our time in. Of course, regular exercise is good for you and if you’re going to spend the time you might as well get the most out of it. Switching up your routine is the best way to do that.